Community Outreach

We provide educational services to the community such as:

  • answering the public’s honeybee questions
  • answering bee identification calls
  • swarm removal
  • presentations about pollinators
  • elementary to college student presenations
  • and more!

If you’re interested in holding a presentation at your business or organization, please contact us!

Fostering Future Beekeepers

BSBA will be offering scholarship(s) to 4-H students that are interested in beekeeping. This will allow them to take the Beginners Beekeeping Internship, have a mentor, and our bee association to help them compete at local and State levels.

Completing the Community Apiary will give everyone an opportunity for hands-on learning and live demonstrations. We would like to host public events where people could see bees at work from a safe place. Building a bee train for children at public events. We would like to construct this train to promote pollinators by sharing information to families and school children. Taking this to events; city & county events, parades, fairs, or other social gathering with young people. Signage, hand-outs, advertising & promotional items to help inform the public of honeybee benefits. Helping educate the public about pollinators and how they play a key roll with our daily food. How everyone can help with forage, water, and less use of pesticides, their part in saving the pollinators and honeybees. If you would like to donate to our association, we are a registered 501(c)(3) with the State of Ohio. We will provide our State EIN# for those who would need it for a tax deductible donation. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us: 419.438.7335 or email